Monday, November 17, 2008

Winter Fun in Bovec

Besides the pleasures of Kanin and nearby ski slopes (Sella Nevea), Bovec also offers:

Cross country skiing: The trails are prepared in Bovec and Cezsoca!

Free ice skating, also possible to borrow skates!

Sledding courses down the Mangrt Road, as well as Možnica, the Stol road above Žaga, the Javoršček Road and the road from Lepoč Pasture!

Dog sledding with huskys and malamuts!

...guided winter trip adventures in the outdoors and ice climbing!

Check local tourist organisations (mentioned in the past blogs) and events in Bovec:! ...besides good food, drink and inside pleasures in saunas, hot baths etc.

And I guess you could find some more...

Check the tourist offers!