Saturday, October 10, 2009

Žaga &surroundings

It can`t be described by words, photos, nor a video - you need to see for yourself, breathe the fresh mountain air and experience the beauty! Views from Žaga and surroundings...


Winter View of the Julian Alps, from Žaga

Soča in winter, at Žaga

Žaga from above


Gostišče pri mostu


the Soča valley

Krn lake

Stol, Božca



Soča at Log Čezsoški, near Žaga

Photo courtesy Valter Rot / taken at different times of the year...
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Trenta Valley

When in Bovec area, visit the Trenta valley. Pictures speak for them self...

Check the "Official Trenta Guide", another description here or visit other numerours descriptions on the web... Use your imagination and google!

...passing by WW1 military cemetery near Bovec

and following the Socha river...

have a trip around the heart of TNP (Triglav National Park) - Trenta and Zadnjica valley! Maybe visit the Trenta museum, Juliana garden, izvir Soče, Vršič, Triglav...


Inside the Trenta museum

Juliana botanical garden

Juliana is the first and the only alpine botanical garden in the natural environment on the Slovenian territory. In 1926, it has set up Trieste landowner and merchant Albert Bois de Chesne (1871-1953), friend of Julius Kugy. The garden grows about 600 varieties of plants, some also endemic. Best time to visit in spring and summer (june, july), when most plants flower.

Julius Kugy ejoying the view in Trenta

views from Vršič

See also
TNP Website
Juliana Website and Google...

Photo Credits:
V. Rot&"kori"

More amazing fotos of the Julian Alps and Soča valley - here!

Kluže Fortress (nr.2)

An Insight on the "1313 Society" World War I themed performances!

I already wrote on this subject here.
Plays take place several times daily (mostly weekends) DURING the high tourist season (june, july, august, september)! For "out of the season" events and schedule check out or Bovec TouristOffice!

Invitation note usually says:
"Invited to attend the 1313 Society`s performance, which may be subject to slightly different way of exploring the daily life of soldiers on the Isonzo front. Plucking teeth, reading long-awaited love letters, fear, care for the wounded... All the soldiers at the front, regardless of nationality, meet with that... In the show, you will also learn some important facts about the First World War.

Welcome to Bovec Kluže fortress, where you laugh to tears!


Vabljeni na predstavo društva 1313, ob kateri lahko na malo drugačen način spoznavate vsakdanje življenje vojakov na Soški fronti. Puljenje zob, branje dolgo pričakovanih ljubezenskih pisem, strah, oskrba ranjenca; z vsem tem so se srečevali prav vsi vojaki na fronti, ne glede na narodnost. V predstavi boste spoznali tudi nekaj pomembnih dejstev o prvi svetovni vojni.

Vabljeni v bovško trdnjavo Kluže, kjer se boste nasmejali do solz!"

The part about "laughing to tears" is kind of ironc, taking into account the original purpose of the fortress. But that`s the nature of the showbuisness. And the performance is one of a kind!


after the performance

after the performance

after the performance

after the performance

inside the fortress