Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Possibly dangerous sections on Soca river!

In April kayak and rafting season starts, therefore a notice:

"Due to the heavy autumn rainfall, the flow of the river Soca is changed. In the section Srpenica2-Trnovo1 the main stream of the river now flows directly into sifon, which is part of the river called S. Previously, the main stream flew to the right. Most of the rescue in the past took place also at this point. Therefore, note that in this season, if the case is not resolved, serious accidents can occur." 

   Take care and say goodbye to the loved ones before you go down the Soca river!:)

New deadly syphon on this section.
Directly at the beginning on the left side.
Please watch and be very careful!

When in Soca valley don`t forget to take away your trash and buy a licence for Soca activities...