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Hiking around Bovec!

Bovec area offers unlimited opportunities for hiking and walks in the unspoiled nature of the Julian Alps, besides climbing, MTB and adrenaline sports... Many routes around of Bovec, Žaga, Srpenica, Loga pod Mangrtom, Soče and Trente are marked, protected, and provide nice views to the streams, waterfalls, quiet forest and a number of alpine flowers and animals that live in this beautiful part of Slovenia. You can find inspiring hiking trails almost anywhere in the valley, so short walks are a guaranteed opportunity! For different hikes, seeightseeing along the valley and mountainiring a car is needed to reach the points of interest and starting points of the hiking trails, but as I said, no matter where you stay, there are walks only minutes away from your location, if you are on foot!
If you would really like to get the most out of your visit to the Soča valley, you will need a car, bike or any other kind of transport! It was posible to get a taxi in Bovec once, I am not sure if still is. However, a better option is to hitchike or catch a bus - be sure to check the schedules!

Your interests and plans for the visit of the Soča valley will probably be unique and different - adrenaline sports, hiking, mountains, sightseeing, fishing... Talking in general here are some quick suggestions what to see, when in the Soča valley:

It is nice to check out and enjoy the vonders at the different parts of the valley - therefore a car is recommended! For example: seeightseeing and visiting the Kluže fortres, Javorca church, Drežnica, Soča at Kobarid and musemu of WWI. If the weather is nice, during the summer I suggest swimming in Nadiža river (near Kobarid) or sunbathing anywhere near Soča river (the temperatures of the Soča are normally below 10 C°; Nadiža gets to around 20 C°)! If you like adrenaline sports you will find tourist-sport offices anywhere in Bovec, it already looks more like a tourist-sport office town/village:) If you like the mountains, you will probably have problems deciding which to climb! Stol, Kanin, Rombon, Krn, Mangart, Triglav...!? Kanin (2587 m) can be accessed by the 6-km-long cable car, you can just relax and enjoy the views at app. 2200m. Mangart and Stol are high accessible with a car. The road to Stol starts near Žaga. You definetly have to see waterfall Boka (also near Žaga) and maybe have a walk around a trail leading above Žaga. Of course you also should not leave out Trenta valley... There are unlimited opportunities on what to do and what to see, so you will have to pick by yourself! Here is a list of some more places and hiking trails worth seeing (most of the pictures are already on the blog):

Loška Koritnica

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