Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fortress Kluže

Folowing the road from "Bovec" to "Log pod Mangartom" via "Passo di Predil" you are passing by the cemetery of AO soldiers fallen in "Socha" front and the Kluže fortress a little further along the way! This kind of World War ruins and reminders are very common in the upper Soča vallley, but due to its easily accessed and strategic position, Kluže fortress is amongst the most visited! There are 2 fortresses in that area, the upper and the obviusly-easy-to-see lower one (common named as Kluže fortress), connected by the tunel and stairs! Also, a lot of social and historical events happen in Kluže fortress! For instance "1313" (World War One society in Bovec) holds World War I themed plays there, along the summer season! Check out Kluže fortress website for more infos!

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