Friday, September 5, 2008

MTB in the Soča valley

Mountain biking tracks and downhill tracks in Bovec area - lots of them, different types, some easy, some dangerous...

1) Bovec-Plužna-Čezsoča-Bovec
2) Bovec-Kal Koritnica-Čezsoča-Bovec
3) Na sončni strani Bovca
4) Gozdec-planina Krnica
5) Stol
6) Vršič
7) Vrsnik
8) Lepena
9) Zadnjica
10) Izvir Soče
11) Bavšica
12) Predel
13) Možnica
14) Loška Koritnica
15) Mangrt
16) okoli Kanina
17) Polovnik
18) Žaga-LogČezSoški-Prvejk-Žaga
19) Žaga-Čezsoča-Bovec
...probably the favourite choice: MTB Park Kanin

...check out the videos:

"This is the only mountain bike park open for mountain bike enthusiasts every single day of the year. The only thing to keep you away from doing a few runs are snowy or rainy days. The Kanin cableway operates every day in June, July, and August and on weekends in May and September. Since Bovec is situated at a relatively low altitude (470 m), it benefits from a strong influence of warm Mediterranean air. Gentle winters allow the use of the park during winter and early spring (March and April), so transportation of bikes to the B station of the cable car is available even during the winter season.

The park is divided into three sections of varying difficulty, so beginners are able to ride around the last and most demanding part on a dirt road. The upper and middle part of the park are suitable for everybody and include several "North shore" style features (ladders, jumps, bridges,.) and several fast and technical sections. The existing park trail is divided into three sections with a dirt road crossing it in two places. If you want to experience the Park in its entirety, you need to climb a bit further from the B station of the cable car on your own power (approx. 10 minutes). The trail is marked with signposts bearing the orange park marker and additional signs marking the more or less demanding variants of the trail. The trail is 4,5 km long and has an altitude difference of 600m.

Mountain biking in the pristine mountains around Bovec is a special experience, as the valley's unique climate allows biking from March to the end of November. We offer guided tours in a radius of 100 km around Bovec, ranging across many different degrees of difficulty and lengths. High-end CULT mountainbikes are available for rent at our office, from regular XC hardtails, full suspension all mountain bikes to freeride rigs. We organize mountain bike technique courses in MTB par Kanin (freeride and downhill). We have a rental fleet of over 20 bikes and all our guides have UCI standardized "Mountain bike instructor" licenses. We also house a bicycle gear shop and service. Equipment: mountain bike, helmet, protection (knee and elbow pads)!"

Information about guided tours, equipment rentals and technical mountainbike courses are available at website:

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