Sunday, June 13, 2010

On The Sunny Side OF The Alps - the Movie

A Slovenian parody by Janez Burger! Short film directed by Janez Burger (Slovenia, 2007). Official selection of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2008.

"ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE ALPS’ used to be the slogan of a promotion campaign of the Slovene Tourist Board which wanted to present Slovenia in the best possible light – as a beautiful subalpine country, full of hospitable and friendly people." However... ...not everything is bright and shinny! There is a "dark side" too... To sum up, a slogan used and abused, by this blog also! What can I say, I`m a Slovenian:)


"Two typical Slovenian families live in an Alpine idyll, until one of them buys a new car…"

"A film about Slovenia. About a beautiful country where happiness, joy, mutual understanding and tolerance prevail. Nobody ever says anything to hurt anybody. A neighbour is always ready to help his neighbour. Birds sing merrily, red carnations blossom on balconies and there is an inviting smell coming from village kitchens. The sun always shines in this country. The sun also shines from the hearts of the people which makes this country the sunniest in the world. Even sunnier than Africa."

...until one of the neighbours buys a new car or ... :)

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