Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snowshoeing in Bovec

Snow has covered the mountains today. We can hardly wait for it to fall in the valley too. Why? Because this place is beautiful when covered with the thick white blanket. And because we are anxious to get out our skis, skates, sleds and... Snowshoes!

Snowshoeing isn't new. Actually, it's really old.
In the past, snowshoes were essential for anyone who depended on getting around in areas of deep and frequent snowfall. They remain necessary equipment for forest workers and others who must get around on foot when the snow is deep.
Today, snowshoes are mainly used for recreation by hikers and runners who like to practice their sport also in wintertime.

Although the climate of Soča valley is mild, here in the northern part winters are often rich with snowfall. The alpine valleys of Triglav national park are ideal for snowshoeing: peaceful, wild and remote. Trenta, Loška Koritnica, Bavšica are only a few of them.

You can now go snowshoeing in Bovec and the Julian alps with a local guide. He'll give you the gear and show you around. And night snowshoeing is certanly a must-try. You'll be surprised how clear the winter nights are and how bright the stars. It gets dark pretty early anyway, so you might as well go out and do stuff. If you're confident enough, you can rent snowshoes and spend a day in deep snow by yourself. Just be careful out there.

Night snowshoeing

Night snowshoeing

Snowshoeing in Julian alps

Snowshoe trail

Snowshoeing in Bovec, Soca valley

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