Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On The Sunny Side Of The Alps - Žaga (Bovec)

Hello and welcome to the Blog about the Soca valley and its natural treasures!

First of all, i guess almost everyone speaks english nowadays, therefore posts in this blog are intended to be written internationally - in english! If i don`t get to lazy:) Also please excuse me for the mistakes made further on...most of them were made on purpose!;)

Besides, some people might find the nature of this blog promotional, for sure it is, but  also - the main intend is to show the beauty of the sunny side of the Alps and some other parts of Slovenia...maybe similar blogs or HPs already exists, beside the other Gbyts of stuff and shit one can find on the Net about Slovenia, Alps, Bovec, etc. Anyways... Here goes:

Soca Valley lies in the NorthWest of Slovenia - on the sunny side of the Alps. In my humble opinion it is one of the remaining places on our planet, still untouched by human influences in many ways... Here one can still take a deep breath of fresh air, enjoy the great views and explore the natural treasures, relax and on the other hand also have fun in numerous sport activities and cultural offers. It is just a beautiful piece of our planet to see... Slovenia, on the contrast to so many countires, is a very tiny place on the surface of the Earth, with unique different types of landscape, climate and cultural dynamic range.

Thus, if relaxing and enjoying at the same time, sightseeing, experiencing different climates and landscape are a part of your idea for holidays/travel, or maybe just a wish to have a quick trip from refreshing mountain air to taking a sunbath at sea side the other moment (and vice versa) then: Slovenia - the Soca valley is one of the options! Like almost everything in Slovenia, it is just 2-3 hours drive from the sea side (or if u want, other parts of "paradise" - Slovenia ...did i mention Slovenia is a small contry, didn`t I?)!

Seeing some other beautiful parts of the Earth, I must say that in most cases, we do not even realise - living our life step by step - where we live at ... and how beautiful this place is!

The idea for this blog started on such trips abroad, so let`s put some light on this matter!

...visit and make sure on your own!

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