Thursday, April 23, 2009

Most na Soči

Most na Soči is a town in the Littoral region of Slovenia. The principal natural feature of Most na Soči is its lake. Although artificial, it is the same unique color as the Soča. It gives the town an atmosphere of tranquility and softness and offers many opportunities for recreation.
Most na Soči was named Sveta Lucija ob Soči until 1952. It is located on a rocky crest above the confluence of Soča and Idrijca rivers, near Tolmin. In the past these two riverbeds, deeply carved into the rocky slopes. Due to the nearby Doblar hydro plant, the basins of the river were entirely inundated and below the settlement a vast reservoir was formed, which now attracts both fishermen and visitors, who can stroll along some well-kept panoramic paths.

Most na Soči adrenaline offer:

High diving world cup 08:

Bridge diving:

Lucija boat trip:

...Bungee - Solkan:

Noč na jezeru 2009

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Sobota, 20. junij:
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Nedelja, 21. junij:
- Predstavitev kulinaričnega rekorda: Največja goveja salama v Sloveniji
- Tekmovanje v nočnih skokih z mostu v jezero
- Nastop skupine ORLEK
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