Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Summer Season is starting!

Spring is here! Well, mostly it still feels like winter, but summer is around the corner - and so the winter activities are slowly comming to the end (no worries, still around 600 cm of snow on Kanin), summer fun is gradually starting - This weekend Rafting eurocup 2009!

Once again the summer season is starting and masses of tourists will be crawling the Soca River (from 1.4.2009-31.10.2009 open for kayak)!

...enjoying the scenery, hiking, playing golf!?

Taking some adrenaline action, climbing, exploring...

Visit the Soca valley infos for offers, pricelists and informations!
And make sure where to stay!

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Fakhrur said...

I spent last weekend around Soča again, and also showing around some friends who came to visit. The weather was nice and the nature was already really beautiful!